Hangzhou Aolong Precision Tooling Co., Ltd.



Hangzhou Aolong PrecisionTooling Co., Ltd.  (abbreviation: AolongPrecisionTool) is located in the beautiful and rich city—Hangzhou,which is the capital and important city and economic and cultural center ofZhejiang Province, enjoying a convenient traffic transportation with expressroad, railway and airplane, a network and high-techcity.Aolong Precision Tool is a high-tech saw blade production enterprise thatintegrates new product development research, design, production and management. The leading productsinclude its own brand of "ALR(奥龙精工 新奥龙.jpg), Jungle Wolves(奥龙精工 丛林狼.jpg)" cemented carbidecircular saw blades and metal-ceramic circular saw blades. Production of rawmaterials using high-quality imported plates and carbide tips, and usingGermany's VOLLMER high precision grinding equipment processing teeth. Thecircular saw blade produced by the majority of customers are more and morerecognized and respected; it is widely used in wood processing, furnituremanufacturing, floor processing, aluminum alloy, organic glass, ironwork,artificial panels, engineered veneer and other industries. Due to the company'stechnology, production and management, and other personnel engaged in theconstruction of high-end saw blade more than 15 years of great team andadvanced production technology; therefore, the saw blade specifications arecomplete and the performance is reliable. In addition to conventional products,various special specifications and more than 5,000 kinds of specifications ofultra-thin saw blades can meet the needs of the majority of customers. Moreover,we can provide OEM, ODM service and design service.

Scenarios of Product Application
Firefighters rescue and dismantle special saws
for Large Aluminum Alloy Bars
For Large Thick Wall Steel Pipe
Cutting Aluminum Alloy Rectangular Material
Team Building